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What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath

What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath

can be socially debilitating to a person suffering from it. Most cases of chronic bad breath originate in the mouth due to a high concentration of a type of bacteria called anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria digest proteins found in the mouth and create malodorous wastes called “Volatile Sulfur Compounds” (VSC’s).

You could suffer from bad breath despite your best efforts as there could be many factors contributing to your condition like:

What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath
What Can I Do Against Bad Breath

Left over food particles in the mouth which accumulate in gum pockets and crevices when not cleaned thoroughly can rot and form plaque. The bacteria feed off all the accumulated particles and releases bad breath causing sulfur.

What the Means of Anaerobic

Bacteria present in the mouth go through their lives consuming food and excreting wastes. There are many different species of bacteria battling for space in our mouths. All of them do not produce odor causing wastes. When the numbers of odor producing bacteria overtake the non-odorous bacteria we have a case of bad breath.

What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath
What the Means Anaerobic

Types of environment in which the bacteria prefer to live affect the intensity of bad breath. “Anaerobic” means “without oxygen”. Odor causing anaerobic bacteria thrives under environments devoid of oxygen and rich in acidity.

Conditions of the mouth especially dry mouth conditions are another cause of bad breath. Saliva acts as the body’s natural mouthwash by cleansing and keeping the mouth moist. Long time smokers can have a chronic dry mouth condition. Other causes can be salivary gland problems, mouth breathing, dieting and fasting and alcohol consumption.

Good Oral Hygiene Can Help You

What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath
Good Oral Hygiene

Not maintaining good oral hygiene or not being able to maintain because of gum conditions and hard to reach places or dental appliances can lead to bad breath problems. Bits of food left in our teeth after meals can decompose and form tarter and plaque if not attended to diligently. Certain gum conditions like gingivitis and at a more advanced stage periodontis can form deep pockets in which plaque accumulates and sulfur compound producing anaerobic bacteria thrive due to lack of oxygen.

ENT problems, upper respiratory tract infections, allergies and hormonal changes during pregnancy etc causes a mucous discharge which flows down the back of the throat called post nasal drip. The bacteria feed on the proteins in the mucous and create volatile sulfur compounds which cause bad breath.

Some Causes of Bad Breath

What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath
Causes of Bad Breath and Halitosis

Medical conditions can sometimes be the cause of bad breath, though the more common causes of bad breath originate in the mouth. If a dentist cannot determine the exact cause of your bad breath, then a medical doctor should be consulted rule out other possible causes including the onset of diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, bronchial problems, kidney or liver problems.

Certain medications like antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics, psychiatric drugs, sleeping pills, water pills or diuretics and recreational drugs create dry mouth conditions which are a prime cause of bad breath.

The posterior portion of the tongue is covered by hair like structures which form layers of mucous, food debris and dead cells where the bacteria thrive

What Can I Do Against Chronic Bad Breath

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