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What are Bad Breath Causes

What are Bad Breath Causes

Knowing what are can prove beneficial for understanding what is triggering the foul odor and to act on it based on this knowledge.

Bad Breath Causes

Bad breath is known to be caused by anaerobic bacteria located on the surface of the tongue and the throat. These anaerobic bacteria cause bad breath (through volatile sulfur compounds) when they come in contact with protein. That’s why cleaning the tongue is perhaps the best preventive action against halitosis or bad breath.

What are Bad Breath Causes
Pure Dental Hygiene for Get Rid of Bad Breath

This all can happen due to certain situations that include:

Dry Mouth

When the mouth is dry, there is no saliva to serve as protection against infection and as a way to balance the levels of bacteria in the mouth. Over time, a high amount of bacteria is accumulated, resulting in characteristic bad breath.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Many people simply don’t wash the mouth properly. Although they may brush their teeth, they neglect the tongue – the main place where bacteria lives. A simple change that leads to better hygiene is to clean your teeth and tongue regularly with the use of herbal toothpaste and a tongue scraper.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Strong Smelling Food

These contribute to bad breath, especially if you don’t wash your mouth after you have finished ingesting them.

What are Bad Breath Causes
Dental Problems are Known Causes of Bad Breath

Dental Problems

Periodontal disease can also be the source of your bad breath. Again, the importance of brushing and flossing daily becomes evident. since most of the time the poor dental hygiene is the source of dental problems, including plaque and periodontitis.

As previously stated, understanding the cause is half the battle in your fight to find a cure for bad breath!

What are Bad Breath Causes

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