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How to Get Rid of Halitosis?

How to Get Rid of Halitosis?

We will talk about what to do to get rid of halitosisBrushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes couple of times a day and flossing after every meal should be a part or everybody’s oral hygiene maintenance. There far too many causes of bad breath for it to be helped by brushing alone.

How to Get Rid of Halitosis?
How to Get Rid of Halitosis

Your Mouth is Nice Place for Bacteries

In the mouth the tongue plays a major part in contributing to halitosis. Especially the posterior portion of the tongue which has a hairy coating called papilla traps and breeds odor causing bacteria. Using a tongue cleaner to scrape the tongue should play a big part in your brushing and flossing routine.

There are many transient causes for bad breath like eating odor causing foods like onions and garlic or suffering from constipation or indigestion. These conditions usually subside after the food is digested and all wastes are properly eliminated. Where as chronic bad breath occurs all the time. Other oral causes of bad breath are gum diseases like periodontis and other tooth and gum conditions. After ruling out other internal medical disorders, systemic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases etc the entire focus can be shifted to treating the mouth and mouth conditions.

How to Get Rid of Halitosis?

Mouth And Dental Hygiene

While brushing your teeth is an essential part of your dental hygiene, the proper method is more important as it could make all the difference in cleaning the teeth and gums or just going through the notions of brushing. Brushing too often or too vigorously can hurt the tooth enamel and gums.

Some research has been conducted on the effects of brushing and flossing as a daily care routine as opposed to not following a routine. There was a significant decrease in gingivitis and gum bleeding in the group that included diligent brushing and flossing in their routine after only a two- week period of testing.

Using a battery operated toothbrush for brushing might be more efficient as it can access hard to reach surfaces and work faster than using your hand to move the brush. Some of the electric toothbrushes also come with their own timer which makes it easier to keep track of your 2 minute brushing schedule.

How to Get Rid of Halitosis?
and Dental Hygiene

How to I Provide Oral Health?

Allright! You want to rid of halitosis, you have decided. Now, we are talk about some rutins for your struggle. The basics of following a good are as follows

  • Don’t rush. Impose a 2minute minimum brushing time restriction on yourself.
  • Brush after every meal if your situation allows it. Brushing in the morning and before going to bed at night is a must. Always go to bed with a clean mouth.
  • Don’t share your toothbrush with anybody.
  • Do not forget to clean your tongue every time you brush.
  • Don’t keep you toothbrush in wet containers as it can form mold and fungus.
  • Buy a new toothbrush often without waiting for your old one to get completely frayed and matted.
  • Floss after every meal. Carry floss in your hand bag at all times so that it is accessible.
  • Munch on crunchy fruit or carrot sticks at every given chance. Don’t say no to fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day, stay hydrated and keep your mouth moist.
  • Sugarless gum can also be chewed to keep the saliva flowing.

If you follow the rules above and develop a system of brushing effectively your oral hygiene and breath conditions should see a vast improvement. You beleive, you will get rid of halitosis!

How to Get Rid of Halitosis?

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